Geekulcha Student Society

Tech and Innovation Leadership on campus and society

The Journey

Next Captains of Industry

The Geekulcha Student Society is set against preparing the next breed of industry leaders in this Smart Growing World. GKSS leaders strive for impact, channeling growth and shimmering the light onto fellow students as they transition into the job market.

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Who is a GKSS Leader and their mandate?

A GKSS leader is someone building a vibrant, knowledgeable and guided Geek Culture on campus to help students growth in their chosen fields of study. GKSS Leaders are requested to be impact driven on campus and society.

All leaders must set up mechanisms to hear, document and address the needs of the students.

Become A GKSS Leader

Why GKSS was created

The GKSS Mandate of Operandi

GKSS strives achieve the following apsects of development for students



Female, High Schools and the Elderly's digital/tech skills development.



To build solutions that enhances social, civic, ecducational and economic goals.


Geek Culture

Growing a vibrant scene of a proactive and sustainable Geek Culture on campus.

Female Geeks

GKSS Leaders are given a Female Geeks empowerment mandate and as such, are expected to create and enable conducive and inclusive environment for ladies in the leadership

GKSS Programmes

Since the inception in 2015, the GKSS initiative has formed a variety of programmes for tech excitation and enlightenment. These originate from GKSS leaders and the spead into other parts of the country.

Female Students Support

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Open Campus

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Code Clinic

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Weekend Code

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GKSS and the Industry

GKSS strives to equip the next captains of industries with the right kind of foundations on tech leadership, growth strategies and being impact driven. As such, Geekulcha calls on the industry to assist GKSS Leaders with the following:

  • Guidance in tech tools / standards
  • Exposure into how the industry works
  • Resource support or sponsorship
  • Mentorship and growth on careers
  • Opportunities (VacWork, Internship, Jobs or job-shadowership)

About GKSS

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is aimed at getting students into Tech and Innovation Leadership for students on campus in generating an understanding of the digital environment, becoming inspired, and enabling life-changing innovation.

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