GKSS 2021 Challenge


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Who can enter?

Who's this for?

The GKSS 2021 Challenge is open to students at institutions of higher learning

Challenge Focus Aspects

This is what the GKSS 2021 challenge will be focusiong on in the year 2021

Campus Navigation

Help students find essential services on or around campus


Expose students to platforms where they can apply for funding or job opportunities

Student Life

Student support services to help students attain academic and career goals


Centralising information and opportunities access for students on campus

Better Learning

Online Learning: Strengthening online and hybrid education methods for fellow students

Easy Tech

Providing increased support for student' tech tools and resources availability


Schedule of the GKSS 2021 Challenge

Here is how the GKSS 2021 Challenge will unfold this year with students in South Africa and Botswana battle it out in technologoical solutions that matters.

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17 - 30 August, 2021


Gather your squad and register for the GKSS21Challenge to embark on a journey of building usable solutions for students and the society at large.

01 September, 2021

College Month Launch

Join industry leaders to hear the needs in the local innovation ecosystem with speakers from South Africa and Botswana. Also hear how the challenge will unfold.

02 - 22 September, 2021

#GKSS21Challenge DevLabs

Conduscted by best minds in the industry - learn all things Information Security, Code Version COntrol, web development, mapping intelligence, open data, etc. These will be learn by doing sessions.

02 - 30 September, 2021

Development & Weekly Submission

Your team will be expected to submit a progress update of your project with guidance from mentors in the development process of the projects.

04 October, 2021

Presentations Day

All teams will present their projects before a panel of judges with up to 6 minutes of demo.

04 October, 2021

Winners Announced

Winning teams in the GKSS 2021 Challenge will be announced through a prize-giving ceremony. A trophy will be given to the best team either in South Africa or Botswana.

Challenge Application

Please fill in the details below to register your team for the GKSS 2021 Challenge.

About GKSS

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is aimed at getting students into Tech and Innovation Leadership for students on campus in generating an understanding of the digital environment, becoming inspired, and enabling life-changing innovation.

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