Geekulcha On Campus(GKSS)

Geekulcha On Campus(GKSS) | #GKSS2021 '

Geekulcha On Campus(GKSS)

South Africa has a lot of Tech talent that can help us achieve the digital state we want. We need to help them grow. Geekulcha takes tech leadership onto students on campus.

Geekulcha Student Society structures have their own activities independent of Geekulcha and have freedom to raise own funds with the help of the Geekulcha main body.


Students Leaders realize the importance of the relationship between an individual and the society. Most tech students focuses on studying and doing assignments only which sometimes limit themselves from doing any activities on campus GKSS helps students to be youthful and enegetic by engaging themselves in various forms of social work in their spare time, and in moments of crisis. How this happens is that each institution has its own GKSS Chapter(20 chapters at the moment) where GKSS Leaders:

  • take an active role in literacy campaigns.
  • Teaching each other and the community around them who are digital illiterate to be digital literate
  • Host tech workshops where you get to learn and play around with amazing technologies(IoT, Robotics, Software, and Gaming etc.)
  • Focuses on Upskilling First Years introducing them to the new world of technology and on campus

You may not be an active member of a student society with an administrative position, you will demonstrate a number of qualities simply by becoming a member so this helps anyone who's not doing any tech related course but still interested on gaining tech skills or want to learn anything about code and help out the community by becoming a team player who is able to show commitment and dedication to the society this will help you demonstrate time management skills and come across as a well-rounded individual succeeding in your academic work alongside your participation in a society.

Geekulcha Student Society does not limit students from learning and gaining more knowledge there is an opportunity to learn about topics such as health and safety, finance, marketing, and aspects of the law, as well as developing strong interpersonal skills and the ability to take responsibility for money, equipment and people Hackathons is one of the examples.

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Geekulcha On Campus(GKSS)