GKSS 2021 Challenge In South Africa And Botswana

GKSS 2021 Challenge In South Africa And Botswana

Posted 1 year ago

Geekulcha Student Society College Month is a program dedicated to support College Students by introducing them to tools used in the industry and gaining more skills through workshops and challenges. This programme is set to deliver training that leads to a challenge whereby students will be presenting and showing their projects and what they’ve learned during the program.

The Challenge is set to be very simple and challenging by allowing students to be free and open-mind when it comes to ideas and building solutions. In building solutions that bring about change on campus and society students are to make use of Open Source digital/technological stacks of choice.

In 2021, the challenge is taking place as part of the GKSS College Month and is extended to Botswana. Students are urged to enter the challenge where they will work on solutions with guidance from the mentors.

 Building solutions that matters for livelihooods

Fighting the fight on the keyboard to build a better tomorrow for fellow students and for humanity. GKSS Leaders are challenged to be change makers in these times of need. Against this backdrop, the GKSS 2021 Challenge is set against these focus focus themes:

  • Enable a better environment for first-year students
  • Expose students to platforms where they can apply for funding, scholarships, or job opportunities
  • Where to start when building a project (how and what is needed?) and
    application of entrepreneurship principles on project creation
  • Students being able to keep with the industry and the innovation ecosystem
  • Centralising information and opportunities accessible for students on campus
  • Online Learning: Strengthening online and hybrid education
  • Affordability and Digital Equity: Providing increased support for students technology needs and enabling technology tools and resources availability
  • Student Success: Student support services to help students attain academic and career goals
  • Information Security: Providing Information Security Leadership
  • How student can stay connected and improve their academics during COVID-19
  • To come up with innovative solutions by integrating skilled learned to different industries

A team may choose to combine the different themes in building a usable solution during the challenge.

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