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GKSS chapters are created and led with passion, desire, hope and will for change on campus and society. A Top 6 Leadership gets formed and drive the key activities of the chapter. The country need a next generation of problem solvers, captains of industries and leaders of society at large, the GKSS initiative was create to help build and prepare leaders of tomorrow in the ICT sector.

Geekulcha challenges GKSS chapters to drive the following:

  • Gender balance in the Top 6 Leadership structure
  • There must be a 1st-year student who must be groomed to lead higher
  • A Tech and Innovation manager who leads partners tools

Even if a chapter exist at your campus, apply to lead and we connect with current leaders of that GKSS chapters.

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Who is a GKSS Leader and their mandate?

A GKSS leader is someone building a vibrant, knowledgeable and guided Geek Culture on campus to help students growth in their chosen fields of study. GKSS Leaders are requested to be impact driven on campus and society.

All leaders must set up mechanisms to hear, document and address the needs of the students. Here is a guidance from Mr Moses Mhlwana:

1. Networking skills -> a leader must be able to socially network with students, communities, and industry leaders in order to close the gaps between the three.

2. Critical thinker -> a GKSS leader must be able to think clearly and rationally, and make logical connections between ideas.

3. Well organized -> as a GKSS leader you deal with the students, industry, community as well as your studies. It is important that you schedule your days and activities, in order to balance the lifestyle.

4. A leader by Example -> as a GKSS leader you should follow and execute the goals set as a team in order for the team to be fully supportive.

5. Good vision and analysis -> as a GKSS leader you should be able to identify the needs of the students, find gaps to close, see opportunities where people don't, analyze situations and come up with solutions or adjustments with your team.

6. Order -> as a GKSS leader you deal with a lot of people, and sometimes people can step on your wrong foot, get on your nerves, not cooperate, executive members not attending meetings is important that you can professionally call people to order, when needed be.

7. Learn to be curious -> as a GKSS leader you never stop learning, you should always be seeking to improve your knowledge un order to be able to share with others. You should be curious about new possibilities and act to explore them.

8. Build coalitions -> one of the main responsibilities of a gkss leader is Finding academic clubs, society, industies, and communities whose interests align with your own and working together to advance those interests.

9. Good listener -> GKSS is a student society, not a one man's job. So it is important that you are able to sit down with your team plan out activities, and come up with new ideas to satisfy the club's mission. Being a good listener goes along with being able to give constructive criticism to ideas and also support.

10. Team Selection -> much of what organisations accomplish can be traced back to the selection of executive members. Take the time to create the right process for bringing executive members into GKSS.

11. Motivation -> "Motivation is the driver of productivity, and empowerment is the fuel of motivation". Executive members who are supported, encouraged and given autonomy become highly motivated to do great things.

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About GKSS

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is aimed at getting students into Tech and Innovation Leadership for students on campus in generating an understanding of the digital environment, becoming inspired, and enabling life-changing innovation.

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