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GKSS chapters are created and led with passion, desire, hope and will for change on campus and society. A Top 6 Leadership gets formed and drive the key activities of the chapter. The country need a next generation of problem solvers, captains of industries and leaders of society at large, the GKSS initiative was create to help build and prepare leaders of tomorrow in the ICT sector.

Geekulcha challenges GKSS chapters to drive the following:

  • Gender balance in the Top 6 Leadership structure
  • There must be a 1st-year student who must be groomed to lead higher
  • A Tech and Innovation manager who leads partners tools

Even if a chapter exist at your campus, apply to lead and we connect with current leaders of that GKSS chapters.

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About GKSS

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is aimed at getting students into Tech and Innovation Leadership for students on campus in generating an understanding of the digital environment, becoming inspired, and enabling life-changing innovation.

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